Paragon announces their newest character: Revenant

The team at Epic has been teasing us with him for a while now but we finally have details on the newest character in Paragon, Revenant. The new gunslinger will be entering the game on April 25th, and he’s sure to make a big impact. Keep reading to learn about his abilities and get a quick look at him.

Hail Gunslinger: Revenant abilities

  • Revolver Round (LMB/R2) – Revenant carries a revolver with 4 rounds, upon consuming these rounds he will automatically reload.
  • Hellfire Rounds (RMB/R1) – Allows you to reload your weapon at any time, and passively causes bonus damage on your fourth shot.
  • Scar (Q/Square) – Infuses your target with dark energy, attacking will deal bonus damage to your enemy.
  • Obliterate (E/Circle) – Revenant fires a volley of projectiles which randomly target enemies in front of him.
  • Reckoning (R/Triangle) – He┬átransports himself and his target to the Nether Realm, where he and his enemy must duel. While there, only Revenant can see his prey and they can only damage each other. If he succeeds in killing his enemy, he collects their bounty, earning bonus card power.


From his abilities Revenant looks like he will be an interesting mix of Legion Commander, and Bounty Hunter from Dota 2. Extremely strong in 1 on 1 battles, he will dominate in late game if he’s left to snowball. I can’t wait to see how he changes the meta of Paragon since traditionally the strong dueling characters tend to dominate the meta or get nerfed.

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