Kiev Major Winter Battle Pass Predictions

Kiev Major winter Battle pass predictions

My how the time flies by! Its already time again so let’s just jump right into it, prepare your body for the Kiev Major Winter Battle Pass Predictions!

Winter Battle Pass Predictions

Before I begin make sure you watch my video for the predictions. I won’t go as in depth here, and its much easier to watch than to read… but since you all love pictures… here we go!

Hero Predictions

My hero predictions this time were a little more on the safe side

  • Most Picked- Earth Spirit
  • Most Banned- Centaur Warrunner
  • Highest win rate- Invoker
  • Highest Kill Average- Templar Assassin
  • Highest Assist Average- Batrider
  • Lowest Death Average- Templar Assassin
  • Highest Last Hit Average- Ember Spirit
  • Highest XPM average- Invoker
  • Hero with most Kills in a game- Slark
  • Hero with most Last Hits in a game- Juggernaut

Team Predictions

Team Predictions

  • Winning Team- Evil Geniuses
  • Team with the Most kills in a game- Team Liquid
  • Team with Highest Kill Average- Newbee
  • Team with fewest Deaths in a game- OG
  • Team with Most Assists in a game- OG
  • Team that wins the longest game- OG
  • Team that wins the Shortest game- Newbee
  • Team with the highest Game Length- Team Liquid
  • Team that picks the most different heroes- Wings Gaming
  • Team that picks the fewest heroes- Virtus Pro

Player Predictions

Player Predicions

  • Highest Kill Average- Sumail
  • Most Kills in a game- Ana
  • Lowest Death Average- s4
  • Highest assist average- Fly
  • Most assists in a game- Fly
  • Highest last hit average- Arteezy
  • Player with the most last hits in a game- Arteezy
  • Most GPM in a game- Suma1l
  • Highest GPM average- iceice
  • Most different Heroes- ShaDow

Tournament Predictions

Tournament Predictions

  • Total number of games played- 30-32
  • Heroes Picked- 91 to 100
  • Heroes banned- 61 to 70
  • Combined total kills in a game- 71 to 80
  • Longest Game of the tournament- 80 to 89 minutes
  • Shortest Game of the Tournament- 15 to 19 minutes
  • Most kills by a hero in a game- 20 to 22
  • Most Deaths by a hero in a game 12 to 14
  • Most assists- 20 to 23
  • Highest GPM in a game- 800 to 899

So there it is! I hope you enjoyed it!

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