Bladeform Legacy Update: Juggernaut Arcana and more

The fateful day has arrived! Juggernaut took the popular vote in the Arcana contest during TI6, and the Ronin finally got it! Along with the Juggernaut Arcana the update is brining some changes in talents, items… and best of all Jakiro is finally getting his remodel!

Bladeform Mask

Juggernaut Arcana

The Bladeform Arcana is a mask for Juggernaut that grants him a whole bunch of awesome new effects.

  • – All-new animations for: Loadout, Alternate Run, Teleport, Victory
  •  Custom Kill effect that triggers after a lethal crit or Omnislash, or on Triple Kills and higher
  • All-new effects for: crits, Bladefury (works with existing custom Bladefury effects), and Omnislash
  • A Dragon Spirit ancestor
  • Altered Voice
  • Custom Hero Portrait
  • Custom Dragon Spirit Emoticon

The whole set looks really great, and even though I’m not sure about the color I love the look of the Arcana.

Changes and updates

Along with the new Arcana, there are a number of changes to talents, items, and heroes. Make sure to check out the update page to read about those in depth. Some of the changes look very exciting and others should help with some of the characters feeling a bit too strong.

Jakiro Remodel

I think what excites me most is the Jakiro remodel. Jakiro has been stuck with one of the worst in-game models I have ever seen in any modern game. To say that he was an embarrassment might be strong, but I’m happy to see the new version.

Jakiro Remodel

Some of the changes to the live game should be interesting. Captains Draft got a new UI, and the new look is very clean and easier to understand. Monkey King is now availible in Captains Mode, so we might end up seeing the tree swinging guy in some pro games soon!

Across the board this update looks great, with all the changes I can’t wait to play! Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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