Paragon Celebrates its First Year!

First Year

Its hard to believe that players have been spending time in Paragon for a year now. As one of the fist posts on our site we have a long history with Paragon and I’m still floored that we got to spend time talking with the main man Steve Superville last year. We are so happy to see the game celebrate it’s first year but before we get too emotional let’s take a look at the Birthday update!


V.38.3 Update

Paragon’s update doesn’t have┬áthe most interesting name, but it brings a whole bunch of new changes.

The biggest thing this update is bringing to the table is the latest hero Yin. We have a post up about her already so make sure to check her out. She is a high skill hero so don’t expect to jump in and get a team kill in your first game!

There are changes to a twenty of the heroes so make sure you read up before joining into the fun.

Year One Celebration

Because no birthday is complete without gifts the team is giving away a gift to all players who log in this week.

  • Vault Skins:
    • Wasteland Twinblast
    • Monarch Dekker
    • Monarch Sparrow
    • Monarch Murdock
    • Midnight Muriel
    • Cobalt Steel
    • Substitution: 500 Coins
  • Double XP all week long.
  • Sales
    • Everything Bundle at 50% off
    • All Hero Bundles at 33% off
    • 10 Loot Crate Keys at 20% off


New Chests!

  • Chests are now available!
    • There are four tiers of chests: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond.
    • Chests can be opened on the Profile Overview page.
    • All Tributes have been converted to chests of an equivalent quality to the previous reward.
    • Victory Chests have been converted to Silver Chests.

Daily Login Rewards

Similar to Smite players who log in everyday will get rewarded with chests, gold, and tons of other goodies. To see more about this check the post on the topic here.



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