Champion Rework: Galio, The Colossus

As one of the oldest champions in the game Galio was in a tough spot. He had the potential to be incredible on some lineups, but most games he was ignored. Like Poppy before her rework there were people who could dominate on the hero but there were other champions who did the same things better. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the gargoyle and then look at his new kit.

Galio Abilities


Galio Abilities

Passive: Colossal Smash– Galio gains an empowered auto-attack that deals magic damage in an area, scaling off of bonus attack damage and magic resist. The cooldown is reduced when his abilities hit a unique champion, once per spell.

Q: Winds of War– Galio shoots small gusts of winds from his wings. The two gusts curve to meet in the middle and deal bonus damage when they collide, based off of the target’s missing health.

W: Shield of Durand– Activated by holding down the W, the ability slows Galio but gives him bonus damage resist. This can’t be interrupted. Upon releasing the ability, he taunts in an area-of-effect scaling with how long he charged.

E: Justice Punch– Galio charges forward and knocks up everything in his path, dealing magic damage stopping when he collides with terrain or the first champion hit.

R: Hero’s Entrance– He chooses an ally granting them a shield for a few seconds, he then leaps up and shoots to the location that his ally was when he cast the spell. When he lands he deals damage and knocks them up with targets in the center getting knocked upward longer.

For fans of Shen, and Vi, it looks like Galio will be a new alternative to highly mobile tanks. I’m excited to see what he will bring to the game and how he might impact the meta!

Galio rework

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