Blizzard Announces “For Azeroth” HotS Event!

For Azeroth

The Overwatch / Heroes of the Storm crossover event over the holidays was a huge success. With World of Warcraft: Legion still maintaining high subscription rates, it was only due time before we had a Warcraft crossover event. With the success of the Overwatch giveaway Heroes of the Storm partnered with the World of Warcraft team to bring us “For Azeroth!”

For Azeroth!

The event will run from February 14, 10 A.M. PST through March 14, 10 A.M. PST.

Within this time, the quest is simple. Play 15 games as a Warcraft hero while in a party with a friend. Only the players that play Warcraft heroes will get credit for the quest, so you can help a friend and still play who you want.

The Rewards are on Fire

In World of Warcraft, you will receive the Primal Flamesaber Mount.

In Heroes of the Storm, you will receive a 10 day Stimpack and a Flames of Judgement Mount.

Find a friend who wants to play or join up with a chat group so you can earn those rewards! For Azeroth!


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