Love is Contagious in Paragon with the Carnival of Hearts!

Carnival of Hearts

The team at Epic has been working hard this year and is showing the community even more love with another event! Starting today (Feb. 7th) the “Carnival of Hearts” event will run until the 27th. The event will feature four new skins for purchase.

  • Love Machine Howitzer
  • Soul Mate Dekker
  • Love Punch Crunch
  • Burning Heart Serath*

The directions are still unclear how players will get the Serath skin but if you play on a team with someone who has it equipped you will get it for free! Check out the video below for a quick look at the awesome skins!


Personally I love the Crunch skin, but all of them look great. Take a look at the blog post, and hopefully we can get some clarification about the Serath skin. Make sure you play so you can earn the very cool Burning Heart Skin!

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