Dark Moon event and Winter Battle Pass

Dark Moon

The Ice frog has smiled upon his subjects today and granted the community another PVE event. Just in time for Chinese new year Dota 2 got an update today for Dark Moon and the Winter Battle Pass. Both of the events were part of an update for the game today, so let’s take a look.

Winter Battle Pass

Winter Battle Pass and Battle Cup

It looks like every season will have its own Battle pass and Battle Cup. For winter there are new quests, some new chests, and of course the ever popular Battle Cup. For those of you who are unaware, the Battle Cup is a way for teams to move through the ranks for a chance to play in the Major qualifiers. The Battle pass is $7.99 and will grant you a treasure, winter map theme, and a few other goodies.

Dark Moon Baby Roshan

Special Event: Dark Moon

For the first time in a while players can enjoy another PVE event in Dota 2. If you just started playing or have missed them in the past I HIGHLY encourage trying it out. The Dark Moon event will pit players against an unending wave of baddies who will grow stronger each time a wave is cleared. The event is tough so don’t drop in expecting an easy win. Players who do manage to survive up to wave 5 will be granted additional points. The points will accumulate and can be redeemed for rewards. There is a “implausibly indescribably-rare Immortal Dark Moon Baby Roshan courier of peerless origin” up for grabs so jump in and try to get yours! The event will only last until February 6th so get started now!

The event page also hints at the Juggernaut Arcana, so keep your eyes open! Now that you took the time to read all this, here’s a video!


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