Vainglory Update 2.1: New Mode, New Chests!

Vainglory Update 2.1

The update notes for Vainglory Update 2.1 are up! The team at SuperEvilMegaCorp has been teasing some of the changes for a little while on their Twitter, but we finally have the notes to look over. The biggest additions are a new chest and the new game mode, Blitz. There are also some new hero skins, and a seasonal map change. Let’s take a look!

New Game Mode: Blitz

vainglory Blitz

This is what the official blog post says about Blitz mode:

Blitz Beta is a new gameplay format designed for short, five-minute sessions. It is still very much in development and will likely evolve with time, based on community feedback.

From the description it seems like this will be a great way to get your Vainglory fix even if you don’t have much time. I’ll have to play a match, record a video, and let you know what I think, but it seems fun!

New Mystery Chest

New mystery chest

The updated mystery chest was a success. At least enough of one for the team to double triple umm its nine times more expensive! The value is really not bad, you will be getting a new hero, skin, and at least 20 Opals, with a small chance of getting 1 million ICE (in-game currency) so especially new players might want to pick it up!

Other New stuff for Vainglory Update 2.1!

There is also a new badge for players who purchase ICE. If you have purchased any in the last 30 days you will get a cool little badge around your name.

There are also two new skins dropping into the game. Wuxia Ozo is the first skin for our primate friend, and it looks pretty cool! There is also the Gladiator Lance skin, an epic skin for the newly updated captain!

There were also some pretty big balance changes so make sure you check out the patch notes, or watch the video below!

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