Smite Celtic Event Walkthrough

Celtic Event walkthrough

The day has finally come! Smite has updated to include the new Celtic event! The Morrigan has been in the game for a few days now, but we finally have her event to enjoy! The Path of the Phantom Queen event is 1000 gems for all players but for anyone with Twitch prime you can get the event for free through your Prime linked account!

path of the queen

The Event includes some incredible rewards just for starting it. Without completing a single quest you get the Pedestal, loading frame, and music, along with¬†Artemis and Terra Skins. If you complete the event you also can get an exclusive skin for The Morrigan “Woodland Rogue”. But why read all day when you can watch? Check out the video below for a walk through on the event and how to get your Woodland Rogue skin fast!


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