Heroes of the Storm welcomes the Chinese New Year and Valeera

Heroes of the Storm is starting the new year off with another new hero and a set of skins and mounts celebrating the Chinese New year. First lets take a look at the new skins and then glance at Valeera. All these were announced on twitter today.

Chinese New Year Mounts and Skins.

With such a big audience in China its little wonder that most MOBAs love to celebrate the new year. Heroes of the Storm is adding a few new skins and mounts for the year of the Rooster. Li-Ming is getting a very cool “Lunar Li-Ming” skin that has themed abilities. No moba is complete without a Monkey King and it looks like Samuro is getting the simian make-over with his “Monkey King Samuro Skin”. The skin comes with beautiful new animations and looks like one of the best I’ve seen in the game yet. There is also a Felsaber mount, the very popular Lunar Rooster, and a Nimbus cloud! (As if Monkey king in Heroes of the storm didn’t already look enough like Dota 2’s model…)

Chinese New Year


As if there weren’t enough World of Warcraft characters or Assassins in Heroes of the Storm another is getting one more! *sigh*

On the bright side we are getting a character that I absolutely love, Valeera Sanguinar. The Rogue first appeared in World of Warcraft a few years ago, and then was drafted (get it!?) into Hearthstone. As a rogue her abilities are right in line with what you would expect but it’s nice to see her with a kit that isn’t just another version of Illidan or Zeratul… even if she is just a knife’s blade away from them (another one!)

It looks like her passive will be VanishSinister Strike looks like it will be a dash attack with a low cooldown. Her second move Blade Flurry looks like it will behave like the Rogue ability of the same name,  multiple hits on any targets in her immediate area. Her third ability is Eviscerate and if the theme hold up her other abilities will charge this one with combo points, and when she uses it she will consume her points for extra damage. The first ultimate is Smoke Bomb. I’m having a tough time figuring out if this silences the target, but it looks like an AOE that provides bonus damage at the least. Her second ultimate ability is Cloak of Shadows. It looks like this will provide an immunity to crowd control for a short time and its unclear if it will provide invisibility.

Valeera Master Skin

We will be doing an updated look at Valeera soon since she is hitting the PTR tomorrow, but until them let us know if you will be picking up any of the skins or the rogue herself!

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