Smite announces Celtic Pantheon, Event, and Hero

The Team at Hi-Rez has been extra busy lately! The Hi-Rez Expo is going on now, the Smite World Championship, a Celtic Pantheon, hero, and in-game event! It’s going to be crazy for them over the next few weeks but let’s take a look at what has been announced!

The Celtic Pantheon arrives in Smite

Fans have waited for the Celtic pantheon for some time. With influences from nordic, germanic and roman mythology there are lots of great stories and characters for the team to use. It also gives the opportunity to start adding new designs for levels, characters and abilities. As part of the celebration the team also announced an in-game event.

Path of the Queen

Path of the Phantom Queen

Roll the dice and travel through the board game, completing quests and unlocking rewards like the new Celtic-inspired Terra skin, Celtic Loading Frame, Cutesy Morrigan Avatar, and more! Twitch Prime members gain access to the event for free; otherwise it costs 1000 Gems to join the event and start unlocking rewards.

“With every event that we do in SMITE, we like to try a new twist,” said Chris Larson, SMITE Executive Producer. “ For the Celtic event, we added a board game of sort that should be fun for the players to work their way through. You may get lucky on a roll and get a special bonus or you may hit a trap!”

The Morrigan

What better way to kick off the Celtic Pantheon in SMITE than with the introduction of the oldest Celtic god? This deceptive Mage is actually multiple beings that share one personality. She’s been in development for over three months and has one of the most programming-intensive abilities in the game – she can transform into any god in the match. This is a completely different ability that’s new to SMITE and opens up countless gameplay strategies. We’ll be making a seprate post about The Morrigan in the next couple of days. This ultimate deserves its own article!

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