Vainglory version 2.0 and Idris go live

Vainglory Idris

The day has finally arrived! Vainglory version 2.0 is now live on iOS and Android. The update has been teased for a few weeks now but lets take a look at the new features and the new hero Idris!

Vainglory 2.0 Features

Mystery Chest

  • The Mystery Chest – Epic prizes await with the introduction of the new Mystery Chest feature. Players have more than a 1-in-3 chance of earning any hero or skin currently available in the market. There is also the very rare opportunity of hitting a 1 million Opals jackpot which could set players up for life!

  • New Skins – The update introduces winter-themed skins including a festive Gift-Wrapped Fortress, Winter War Catherine and Winter War Kestrel. Gladiator Ardan also makes his debut sporting a Death Mask and Wolf’s head cloak.

  • Guild Improvements – The new guild finder feature makes it easier than ever to find the right fit. More administration features and guild rewards are here allowing players to earn guild fame solo but earn even more together.

  • New Hero Titles – Three core roles have been introduced in the latest update, captain, carry and jungler. Easily identifiable roles allow new players to understand heroes and experienced players to spot team deficiencies before a match.

Along with the update we are starting the Winter season for ranked and unranked games. Some of the other news from this update is the new hero!

Vainglory Idris

New Hero Idris

Idris is an interesting new hero, he will play ranged or melee depending on the build you choose, he will deal crazy burst damage and possesses a lot of mobility, but his skill cap will be very high. Let’s take a look at his abilities.

SHROUDSTEP- Idris dashes in the target direction, dealing amplified damage to the next target he attacks within seconds. If he has not taken damage within the last few seconds, Shroudstep grants a barrier. The availability of the barrier is displayed beneath his stamina meter.

CHAKRAM- Idris throws a chakram that returns to him, damaging enemies each time it passes over them. Hitting enemy heroes, miners, or kraken recovers stamina. He can use his Shroudstep and Shimmer Strike abilities to avoid catching returning chakrams, giving him additional opportunities to strike enemies.

SHIMMER STRIKE (ULTIMATE)- Idris latches onto the target hero, becoming invulnerable, then leaps off in the chosen direction, damaging surrounding enemies. The distance Idris leaps is increased in his crystal path.

Make sure to check out all the new features and try picking up a mystery chest! I managed to get a Vox skin and a few thousand Valor! Let us know what you get in a comment below!

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