Paragon adds Loot Crates, Card Crafting, and a Free Skin

Loot crates

As if doing a complete overhaul of the game’s map and characters wasn’t enough, Paragon is getting another big update this week. What’s best is we are getting a free skin with two features that have been a long time coming. The patch notes are up on the Paragon site now, and the patch should be live tomorrow. Free twinblast skin

The most important change coming in tomorrows patch is the ability to craft the cards you want, using the cards you don’t want. The exact formulas and breakdown of what’s needed isn’t up yet but it should be reasonable. Along with the other changes in the game this represents a massive swing from the previous system. Where before you needed to rely on RNG to get the cards you needed now you can take all the cards you weren’t using to build exactly what you want. It’s pretty exciting and I can’t wait to try it out.

Loot Crates

The second big addition in the update is loot crates. Some people hate crates, others hate them, but as a mainstay in the MOBA genre I’m personally happy to see them added to the game. Loot Crates contain Rare Skins, Master Challenges, Boosts, Coins, and more! They are randomly dropped after completing matches and require Keys to open them. You have a chance to get Keys from Tributes, and higher chances from Master Challenge Tributes. You can also purchase both Loot Crates and Keys with in-game Coins.

Personally I am happy to support a game I love buying in game items, and the RNG element of loot crates appeals to me. If you don’t like them, then just don’t buy them!

Free Twinblast Skin

So after the teaser was released on twitter a few days ago fans have been dying to get their hands on the Twinblast “Shadow Ops” skin. I’m willing to admit that even I thought about playing a few rounds as Twinblast if I had it! The paragon team surprised everyone by announcing that the skin will be rewarded to any players who complete ten matches between December 13th and the 31st! It shouldn’t be too hard to do for any fans, and you can purchase it if you think the holidays will get in your way, but its great to see Epic giving its fans a holiday surprise!

twinblast shadow ops

I can’t wait to play a few games over the next few weeks and maybe by the time I get the skin I’ll be better with him!

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