Dota 2 patch 7.00 and why that’s important

Patch 7

Today is a landmark day in Dota 2. In a second we’re going to talk about patch 7.0 but first….

Yesterday OG won their third Major winning over Ad Finem. The games were incredible and I think the entire community was impressed with Ad Finem and their performance. It was impressive as well that this is the second major tournament played on the 6.87 patch. What stood out is although the patch is the same the meta was completely different. While The International saw nearly every hero played and the matches were much closer, these matches were completely different. I think the Analyst Winter said it best with “the game doesn’t have a meta, the teams have one”. But all good things need to come to an end, and in this case its not just the tournament, but also what is highly regarded as the best Dota patch of all time. But now let’s talk about version 7.00

A Brief history of Dota patch 6

Patch 6.0 started when Icefrog took over development from Guinsoo in 2005. So after 10 years of development, being picked up by Valve, and millions of dollars later we have arrived at version 7.0! People have wondered how long the 6.0 patches would last for and what 7.0 would even mean for the game. It looks like 7.0 will mark the point where the game is completely new. Underlord was the final hero to be brought into the Source version of Dota, and with Monkey King we are finally reaching the point where new heroes are being added.

7.0 is more than just a patch

The update notes are up now, but things are still being digested. This post will get an update later today to include video thoughts about the patch, but this patch is worthy of a full version update. This includes a new hero, changes to the map, new buildings, new abilities, and of course the usual hero and item changes. Here are the biggest changes in a very top level view.

  • Hud Update
  • Monkey King
  • New Pregame screens
  • New Talents
  • Bot updates
  • Remodels
  • Roshan Changes
  • Map updates
  • New Arcana
  • New Comics

To call this a “big” change is understating it. This is massive. Watch Corposant and I break down the patch right now!

Check out the 7.00 page now!

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