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Today in Play Like a God we’re talking about the newest goddess on the block, Nike. Besides her sweet kicks (I promise not to use too many shoe jokes!) Nike is a solid warrior who can start fights and survive them.  After playing a few games as the Goddess of  victory I am excited to talk her in today’s Play like a God!

Nike Skin giveaway


Goddess of Victory, Nike

The core concept behind Nike seems like she is designed to be a hero who can initiate a fight, disrupt enemies, and take a beating. She is similar to Bellona, a tanky warrior who leaps into battle and can set the tempo of a fight. The major difference between them is damage vs. survivability which I’ll talk more about in a moment. Nike is a lot of fun but is very team dependent. Let’s talk about her abilities.

Nike’s Passive is “To Vicory” as her team achieves goals they gain a buff. The missions are to get 10 kills, kill 200 minions, and finally have 2 Gods at level 20. For each goal met the team receives a bonus to power and movement speed. Since these goals are normally achieved as the game progresses they are easy to meet, but they won’t necessarily change the outcome of the game. The bonus is nice and you don’t need to think about it, but it’s also not very exciting.

The first ability I want to talk about is actually her second ability, “Plan of Action“. The ability is used as a buff for her other abilities and isn’t actively used on its own. As a passive bonus this ability grants extra health regen, but once activated it will grant a small amount of bonus damage, and buff the next ability used.

Her first ability is “Rend“. Once activated Nike sends two fissures in a straight line in front of her dealing damage. If an enemy is hit by both they lose some protection. If Plan of Action is activated it sends out a third wave and if an enemy is hit by all three it will disarm them.

Nike’s third ability is “Valiant Leap“. She leaps to a target location, dealing damage and knocking enemies up. If Plan of action is active she moves faster through the air.

How to play her

Her ultimate ability is Sentinel of Zeus. When activated Nike deals damage, slows enemies in an area around her, and  gains 40% of her max health as a shield. If Plan of action is active she slows enemies even more and the shield is 60% of her max health.

If you ever played Bellona and thought “this is too confusing but I love the idea of this character”  Nike is perfect for you. She can jump into fights, deal some damage and then get out.  The trouble is that Plan of action ends up being more of a hinderance than a help. The benefits provided to her other abilities are perfect, but without buffing it Rend and Sentinel of Zeus are lackluster. This becomes problematic with the very long cooldown on Plan of action. At level 1 it’s an 18 second cooldown, and at max the cooldown is still 12 seconds. So you may be able to use it twice during a fight, but since it is so useful you often will want it more often than it’s actually available.

Peregrine Nike Giveaway

Besides that weakness Nike is really a great Goddess. Her health regen is so good that I found myself stepping away from a fight for a second and after a moment I was ready to jump back in. This is very different from Bellona who would often need more items to build regen. The drawback is that Nike’s damage is lower than Bellona. I found that if I entered a fight expecting to scare off enemies with my burst damage they would usually just ignore me.

This is the most important thing to know about Nike, although she can survive through most fights she doesn’t bring much damage to the table. I would highly recommend her to new players or a group of friends who need a tanky God to throw into fights! Nike is especially well suited to the Arena.

Skin Giveaway

So if you want to try Nike out, or if you already have her and want to pick up her Peregrine skin for free leave a comment below! We will be giving away three skins here for free and three skins on our twitter account, so get to typing!!

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