League Releases Camille Patch 6.24

League patch 6.24

Riot released patch 6.24 for League of Legends yesterday. Camille is slated for release in this patch, but she will be added to the game at a later date. We see some corrections to the big changes to assassins that came with last patch. This comes right in time with for the start of the 2017 Competitive Season. Let’s go over some of the major changes that came in the patch.

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Assassin Tweaks for 6.24

  • Akali received a big change to her passive, and consequently her pushing power. Her passive now will proc on towers enabling her strong split pushing presence. With the changes to how camouflage and invisibility works, she’s a very slippery target.
  • Katrarina‘s main source of damage is now her passive. This caused some difficulty in her scaling. With 6.24, her passive will do more damage early on and scale a little worse later on. Her damage should not fall off however, as item scaling will kick in.
  • Le Blanc was too strong at being everything outside of an assassin. Her wave clear with Q bounces was too strong and her base regen was a bit too high. In 6.24, Le Blanc now will have weaker wave clear and less sustain. She returns as the queen of burst assassins.
  • Shaco can safely proc Thunderlord’s Vigor with backstab. There was a lot of commotion on Reddit over the past weeks about this bug. Many will be happy to know that the issue has been addressed.

 Marksman Metagame

  • With the changes to stealth mechanics, Twitch got a bit too powerful. Twitch is able to hypercarry easier with the changes to Lethality and penetration stats. Because of this, his passive and mana cost for Poison Cask has increased. This should put him more in line with the other marksmen.
  • Kog’maw has not seen much play as a marksman. The last patch tried to make him a better marksman, but he ended up seeing a lot of play in the Mid lane. He’s getting a buff to his percentage max health damage steroid and a nerf to his Void Ooze. In conjuction with the nerf to Rylai’s we’ll discuss later, this may be the nail in the coffin for Mid Kog’maw.
  • Varus gets a quality of life change and his passive now scales with Attack Speed. He now receives +50% bonus attack speed on champion kill, assists, and minion kills. Will will help him stack his W faster and be more powerful late game.
  • Vayne has become a very powerful metagame marksman pick. Similar to Twitch, the stealth changes were amazing for her. The bonus damage from Tumble is lowered to set her early game in line.

In the Jungle

  • Fiddlesticks doesn’t seem to be clearing the new jungle as quick as desired. 6.24 provides buffs to Drain and Dark Wind to help him get back to speed.
  • Ancient Krug was allowing certain junglers to hit level 3 and gank faster than others. The patch will reduce the damage from his first kill, allowing for a more consistent early game.
  • Both Red Buff and Blue Buff are getting a duration buff from 90 minutes to 120 minutes. Blue buff might be a bit too powerful and the 15% ability power bonus is being removed.

Bye, Bye Rylai’s

  • The major item hit in the patch is Rylai’s Crystal Scepter. The item was too ubiquitous on mages. The slow provided by the item is no longer better with single target spells, but applies a 20% slow regardless of spell. Good news is the total item now costs 600 Gold less. I wonder how well Vladimir will fair with this change…
  • Liandry’s Lament is a natural pairing for Rylai’s Crystal Scepter. With a nerf to one, there is a small buff to the other. Liandry’s now costs 100 Gold less so it’s easier to acquire the two item wombo combo.

Tell us what you think of the changes to League of Legends. Good luck in Patch 6.24 and have fun in the 2017 Competitive season!


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