Paragon Gets its Monolith Update

The day has come! We’ve all been eyeing the Monolith patch for Paragon set to release December 6th. This is the largest patch to hit Paragon since its release. ¬†With his patch, we’re getting a new map, hero re-works, card re-works and much much more. Today we’re going to go over some of the major changes located in this patch.

I commend Epic Games for creating weekly articles outlining the design process behind Monolith. In the six part series, we get a better view of why changes are happening and how they will effect the game. You can read about this in detail here:

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6

The full patch notes for the Monolith patch is also available.

A Smaller, Sexier Map


Bigger is not always better. The new map will be 30% smaller and base movement speed is going to be increased all around. The travel form will be removed to compensate, but it will feel much better fighting and getting around the map.

Asymmetrical Lanes


Similar to League of Legends and DotA 2, the Monolith Map contains asymmetrical lanes. The Orange Team has a larger jungle on the left side of the map. Consequently, the Blue Team has a larger jungle on the right side of the map. The river, splits the map and gives open points to key jungle camps and strategic fighting points.

Taken from DotA terminology, the lanes are now called the Safe Lane, the Mid Lane, and the Offlane. The Safe Lane is the long lane protected by your team’s jungle (left side for Orange Team and right side for Blue Team). The Mid Lane is clearly, the middle lane. Lastly, the Offlane is the lane opposing the enemy’s Safe Lane. This is cause a big shake up in the metagame, and we can’t wait for the fun. There is going to be a lot of learning in the next few months.

I can’t wait to see if aggressive tri-lanes and other strategies will develop in Paragon.

Bye, Bye Harvesters!


Harvesters have disappeared! Each team will have one “Link” placed on the map from the very beginning of the map. In the middle of each team’s large jungle what looks like an old harvester will remain. When a nearby jungle minion is killed, a bit of extra Card Power will be deposited into the Link. Periodically the Link will send a portion of the collected CP to the team. While Links cannot be destroyed, they can be contested and captured by the enemy team.

Tons of Hero Changes

I implore you to go check out the changes to your favorite heroes in Paragon. The full patch notes detail all the changes to each hero. Some complete re-works to small tuning changes, the Monolith patch introduces a new metagame.

Finally, we will be sure to play and stream a lot of Monolith when it releases. Tell us what you think of the changes to Paragon!

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