Congratulations to the Vainglory World Champions

Last night was a busy night in esports! Dota 2’s Boston Major was in full swing, and Vainglory had it’s first World Championship. It was tough finding enough screens to watch all the action but I’m glad I did! Vainglory’s World Champions fought well, the event was incredible, and the excitement was just as high as any other MOBA.

Armada World Championship

The Korean team Armada defeated the North American Team Solo-Mid 4-2 to take home the title of Vainglory’s First World Champions. The event was held at TCL Theatre in Hollywood.

The event comes just a few days before the much awaited 2.0 launch of Vainglory, and what should be a great year for the Mobile MOBA. The game continues to improve and gain players, and for good reason. I think this tournament proved that the game can be as exciting as any other MOBA. Considering this is the first year of competitive Vainglory I can’t wait to see what’s next!


I was very impressed to see the game at the third highest viewership on twitch. It marks a highpoint for the game on the platform, and shows no signs of slowing. Plenty of fans tuned in to watch the action but lots of new fans were made during the tournament. Finding a match after the games was the fastest I’ve ever seen!

Videos of the event should be going up on Vainglory Youtube page and Twitch pages for VOD. Congratulations again to the first Vainglory World Champions Team Armada!


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