Boston Major Group Stage Recap and Main Event Predictions

The Boston Major Group stages are over and there were more than a few surprises. Along with the group stage completion we have the Main Event Predictions ready to go, so lets take a look!

Boston Major Group Stages

Group A

The top spot in Group A was snagged by Digital Chaos. This comes a surprise to many who expected Wings to top the group. I think the other teams have practiced and watching Wings to learn how to play against them. Warrior Gaming surprised everyone with third place, and LGD.Forever Young took the bottom Spot.

Group B

Virtus.Pro continues its bombastic performance, dominating their group. Newbee managed to take second place but there was plenty of fight from NP who ended in third place. MVP Phoenix placed fourth but they played well, it just seemed like this group was a hard one to win.

Group C

LGD Gaming took the first place spot in this group which surprised me, but Complexity taking second place was the biggest surprise. Evil Geniuses were completely rocked in two games against Complexity and ended in third. Team Faceless looked out-of-place and were outclassed in their games, ending in fourth place.

Group D

The most interesting Group but the easiest to guess, OG took first as expected. Ehome was able to take second place over Ad Finum and there was some hope AF would be able to take second but Ehome was expected in second. iG Vitality ended in fourth place.

Main Event Predictions

Main Event Predictions

The Compendium was also updated to include Main Event predictions and here are mine. The matches were decided by placement in the groups with fourth place teams facing first place teams, and second place teams facing third place teams. This will mean some expected results and some very unexpected results.

I still think OG will win the event but if VP manages to win against Wings I think they have a very strong chance of winning the event. The “left” side of the bracket looks like the much harder group with teams like EG and Wings facing off in the first round, and OG and MVP too.

The event should be incredible so make sure to watch this weekend!

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