Earn Bonus EXP with the Gold Club World Championship!

Gold Club

In celebration of the Gold Club World Championship, Blizzard is offering 50% bonus experience during the finals of the event. Teams have prepared in China over the last few weeks and the group stage events were held last weekend. The Playoff games will occur December 1st through the 4th. There are currently 8 teams remaining and four regions represented. This is going to be an amazing tournament.

The event will occur between the times of December 2, 10:00 a.m. PST (All Regions) – December 5, 10:00 a.m. PST (All Regions).

Only Eight Teams Remain

Europe and North America each have one team left in the Gold Club competition. The rest of the teams are from the Chinese and Korean Servers.

  • Ballistix [KR] – sCsC, Swoy, NaCHoJin, JeongHa, Noblesse
  • MVP Black [KR] – Sake, merryday, KyoCha, Rich, Sign
  • MVP Miracle [KR] – CMoving, darvish, Sniper, Reset, ttsst
  • Dignitas [EU] – Mene, Bakery, Snitch, Atheroangel, JayPL
  • ZERO [CN] – melodyC, gemini, sk, Six ,m
  • eStar [CN] – XingC, Tao, Tumi, Savage, Tiger
  • Super Perfect Team [CN] – Misaka, Qianxiao, Liang, Aloof, Wings
  • Astral Authority [NA] – CathunLuck, Jun, psalm, catterpillar, Fury

Time to Double Dip

This is the perfect time to double dip with the Nexus Challenge event going on. If you still need your 15 wins for the Oni Genji skin in Overwatch or 30 wins for a slew of amazing heroes in HotS, you can get double experience at the same time. Get some free gold in-game while earning some great prizes.


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