Vainglory gets real about esports and Version 2.0

Since it’s launch Vainglory has grown in popularity. More and more players are starting every day and even some big name streamers have played on twitch recently. With any good MOBA, a competitive scene is always a good sign, and Vainglory is stepping up the game. Big name teams like Team Secret  and TSM are already involved in the games competitive scene. Things are only getting bigger. Superevil Megacorp is announcing the Vainglory Team Franchise Program today. Besides that great news we have a date for Version 2.0!

TSM house

Vainglory Team Franchise Program

Vainglory has had a growing pro scene for a while but Superevil Megacorp is take the right steps to take it to the next level. With a better ecosystem for professional teams to grow in this should help it grow faster. The company outlined some of the steps in a post today.

Franchise holders will be entitled to a share of revenue from broadcast rights, ticket sales, sponsorships or other esports activities. The parties will also collaborate on digital and physical merchandise sales and other ways to build the business of the franchisees. Unlike many franchise programs, Vainglory franchisees are not guaranteed a spot in the top competition. Instead the parties will collaborate on building a deep, healthy, growing competitive ecosystem.

I’m really excited by this news. It seems like this is the right move for them now. By making franchises a part of the revenue stream but not guaranteeing them a spot they are giving a revenue stream without playing favorites. It’s a good system, not too much but not too little. After announcing a partnership with Twitch this is incredible news. It looks like 2017 will be pretty crowded in the MOBA scene!

Kestrel selection

Vainglory Version 2.0

Along with the new Pro scene the team has taken time to talk more about Vainglory 2.0 which will launch on December 14th. Version 2.0 will have a better tutorial system, an improved character picking screen, a developer API, quests, improved AI, and better clan finding tools!

If you haven’t already (seriously? what are you waiting for!? Here for iOS and here for Android devices!) download it today, the game is only getting better and I’m so excited to see what’s next!

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