Boston Major Compendium Predictions

The Dota 2 community is all atwitter today with the news that the Boston Major Compendium Predictions are live! Players can go into their compendiums and make their picks to try earning some sweet points! Without further wait let’s dive in!

Boston Major Compendium Predictions

Hero Predictions

Boston Major compendium predictions heroes

  • Most Picked: Gotta go with the Warlock on this one. As the meta has stabilized this hero has seen more and more play. Supports are usually in this category and looking at the past few months Warlock is very highly played.
  • Most Banned: Drow Ranger has been first ban for a few tournaments recently. Her Aura allows for way to much damage from a range heavy team and her kit is really useful. I expect this to stay in keeping with the other games of late.
  • Highest win rate: Its pretty tough to predict this but looking over the data recently Ogre Magi has a very high win rate on pro teams now. He isn’t getting banned out much but his ability to support at every stage of the game and high survivability seems to be paying off.
  • Highest Kill Average: Keeping in mind that this is an average over a few games, but Lifestealer is always a solid pick here. He is still getting a lot of play and can snowball hard.
  • Highest Assist Average: The floating ice shard is just too strong here. Ancient Apparition has a map wide presence and can set up kills from the start of the game till the end. I expect this to stay true during the Boston Major.
  • Lowest Death Average: This can be a tough one to work out. On the one hand you need a hero who is picked enough to count, but you don’t want someone who is picked too often either. I have Naga Siren in this spot because her ultimate gives her a great escape and she is getting picked a little here and there
  • Highest Last Hit Average: It’s too bad they took out Gold per minute! I have Alchemist here because most teams want to farm him up throughout the game. He is picked pretty often, and needs to be somewhere on the list!
  • Highest XPM Average: It’s tough to say since its going to be averaged out but I think Terrorblade will see at least 5 games, and he can get out of control quickly if left to farm. This is my least sure pick
  • Most Kills in a game: For the last three majors there has been at least one game where Tinker got picked up and just dominated a game. I expect the same thing to happen in this tournament. He is still a strong pick and can get out of hand fast.
  • Most last hits in a game: Same reasons as above, Terrorblade but I have a feeling that there will be one game where a Terrorblade will run circles around the farming game!

Team Predictions

Team Predictions

I’m not going to jump into each category here but I’m going with my guts for most of these. OG are doing very well despite losing two cores, and I think with all the changes going on for other teams they look the strongest coming into the tournament. Wings are still playing incredibly well, but I think the other teams are adjusting to their style and able to play around them.

Player Predictions

Player Predictions

The player section is notoriously hard to predict. I went with the players who are doing well recently and tried to put them where their strengths are.

Tournament PredictionsTournament Predictions

Recently the teams have been starting to either pull ahead or fall behind quickly leaving us with shorter games and fewer games total. I think things are just more developed than during The International, and while that’s not bad at all, I think it just means shorter games and less variety.


So that’s it! Let me know what you think by leaving a comment and tell me if you think I’m way off! Good luck to everyone!

10 thoughts on “Boston Major Compendium Predictions

  1. thx man. god bless. glad to see another rtz fangay 😛 (pretty sure ee or miracle will take one of the arteezy spots not sure which.) Also not sure about terrorblades yet i havent been on scene so, i hope ur right 😛 😀

    1. Haha I do love RTZ, but his farming has been on point recently and I think EG have a strong lineup going in! Miracle would absolutely be in that spot but I think he will have a tough time since Liquid didn’t qualify! Oh eternal envy… he can be so great but his throws… he’s still baffling scientists!

    1. I really don’t know how to feel with VP, the team is very good but I have a feeling teams saw how they play and will counter them. I think they’ll end up in the top 5 but I don’t think they will win. OG has been playing well together and has a history of picking up on the meta of a tournament very quickly. I appreciate how good VP have been playing though, and maybe my own bias snuck in a little bit!

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