Keep Warm During this Year’s Snowdown!


From December 11 through January 6, the Snowdown will hit Summoner’s Rift! The map will be transformed, new skins will be on sale, and mystery gifting will be back for the holidays! Let’s take a look at all the new features coming to League of Legends.


Mystery Gifting

Mystery Chests – 790 RP – These contain a random 975 RP or higher value skin.

Snowdown Mystery Box – 490 RP – The classic mystery gift with double the chance of unlocking Snowdown skins including the newest set: Winter Wonder Orianna, Snow Day Malzahar and Poro Rider Sejuani.

Snowdown Bundles


Snow Day Ziggs

Each of the Snowdown Bundles from 2009-2013 are on sale for 20% off. This includes all the exclusive skins and each champion it comes with.

There are bundles for some popular champions like Gangplank, LeBlanc, Katarina, Lulu, Ziggs, Sona and much more.

Legacy Skins and Wards


Winter Wonder Lulu

Retired skins and ward reappear in the store for this event as well! If you’re missing any seasonal skins, this is your chance this year to show off your collection.

Snow Bunny Nidalee: 520 RP
Happy Elf Teemo: 520 RP
Workshop Nunu: 520 RP
Old Saint Zilean: 520 RP
Earnest Elf Tristana: 520 RP
Silent Night Sona: 520 RP
Re-Gifted Amumu: 520 RP
Santa Gragas: 975 RP
Reindeer Kog’Maw: 975 RP
Nutcracko: 975 RP
Ragdoll Poppy: 975 RP
Candy Cane Miss Fortune: 975 RP
Toy Soldier Gangplank: 975 RP
Snowmerdinger: 975 RP
Mistletoe Leblanc: 975 RP
Festive Maokai: 975 RP
Slay Belle Katarina: 975 RP
Dark Candy Fiddlesticks: 975 RP
Bad Santa Veigar: 975 RP
Snow Day Ziggs: 975 RP
Snow Day Singed: 975 RP
Snowstorm Sivir: 975 RP
Winter Wonder Lulu: 1350 RP

Snowman Ward: 640 RP
Gingerbread Ward: 640 RP
Candycane Ward: 640 RP

New Sexy New Skins

The fan service is real. These gorgeous men and Karma will keep you warm this winter. I would love to have a word with artist who drew that Braum skin. Woof.


Winter Wonderland Karma


Snow Day Graves


Santa Braum

And That’s Not All!

Poro skins and Poro Wards are coming back. The Legend of the Poro King ARAM map is back! It’s going to be a blast this holiday season.

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