New League of Legends character: Camille

camille featured

After teasing us with a comic last week, today Riot announced it’s newest character, Camille. The character page is up already and full of great info. It’s been a little bit since we’ve gotten a super-mobile melee assassin and Kled didn’t really make much of a splash this season. Camille looks like she will reward skilled players and hold a very high skill ceiling. I just love that she has sword legs.

Camille, The Steel Shadow

Another character coming from Piltover, Camille will bring tons of single target burst damage to the scene. She is highly mobile and will have no trouble melting targets with her combos. Building her as a melee AD carry will be key since most of her abilities will rely on auto attack damage. Let’s take a look at her abilities.

Camille abilities

Passive: Adaptive Defenses– Basic attacks on champions will grant a shield to Camille based on the target’s damage type. The strength of the shield is based of her max HP.

Precision Protocol– After activating this her next basic attack will deal additional physical damage and grant Camille a short burst of movement speed. For a brief time after casting the spell she can cast it again for an additional strike. Waiting for a short time will increase the damage and convert some of the extra damage to pure damage.

Tactical Sweep– Camille deals damage to all enemies in a cone in front of her. The cone has two sections. Enemies caught in the outer section are slowed and are dealt additional physical damage based on their max HP. Camille is healed when she deals damage with this ability.

Hookshot/ Walldive– Camille fires hooks forward, if they collide with a wall she is pulled to it and will have the opportunity to cast Walldive as a second part of the ability. Walldive sends Camille diving in a direction stopping at the first enemy hit. If Walldive is used towards an enemy she gains additional range and her a short burst of attack speed.

Hextech Ultimatum– She leaps onto an enemy champion, knocking away all other enemies, and locking the targeted enemy into an area. During the ultimate the enemy cannot leave the arena area until the duration is over or Camille leaves the area.

camille comic

When you look at her kit she looks like she will be incredible at picking off enemies and getting solo kills, but her team fight potential looks a little low. Only time will tell how well she is received by the community but I think just like Ecko was an immediate hit Camille will be be a fast favorite of solo queue assassins for her ability to stay mobile and deal insane damage.

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