New Paragon Hero: Crunch


Before I get too into the new hero Crunch, I need you to go watch the intro video. Please, just watch it now, and then keep reading!

I don’t know who does these intro videos, but they are brilliant. The team at Epic has kept up with the #everythreeweeks and once again delivered a unique hero that is unlike almost any other character I can think of. Crunch is without a doubt a “brawler” by design but has an amazing kit that gives him a high skill ceiling.

Crunch seems like the type of hero that will take a long time to master, but I can see having fun from the first game with him. His abilities all work together and can melt an enemy.


  • Re-Crunch – This repeats the last ability used, opening up more possible combos. Re-Crunch also has two passive components. First, landing basic attacks shaves time off your cooldowns. Second, every third ability used is empowered.
  • Forward-Crunch – Launches him forward, stopping on the first enemy hero hit, dealing damage. When empowered, it drags enemies the full distance of the charge.
  • Left-Crunch – He delivers a left hook that deals increased cleave damage. When empowered, it deals 100% cleave damage.
  • Right-Crunch – Slows enemies on hit. When empowered, it knocks up enemies.


For real though he will be insane in the right hands. Players that can string together the right combo to the right situation will dominate in games. His major flaw looks like it will be Mana usage and management. Characters that can exploit his burst style will do well, for example LT. Belica can punish him with Void Drone and ultimate. Really anyone with good zone control should be able to hold him back and hurt him when he goes too far.

Have you tried him out yet? Like all of Paragon’s heroes, he is free for all players. Download it and get to playing!

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