Congratulations to the Heroes Fall Champions!

Heroes fall Champions

After the first day of Blizzcon, two European and two Korean teams left in the final four. In a tournament that seemed to the dominated by Asia, Europe showed their chops. Korea’s MVP.Black and Ballistix were clear favorites from day one. However, Europe’s Fnatic and Dignitas showed they had what it takes to play with the big boys. In an amazing upset, Fnatic was able to take out MVP.Black in the semi-finals. This left Ballistix and Fnatic in the grand finals. After a grueling series, Ballistix reigned supreme as the Heroes Fall Champions.


Now let’s take a deep dive into the four matches of the Grand Finals.

Game 1


Through banning E.TC. and Johanna, Ballistix was able to pidgeon-hole Fnatic into picking Leoric and Zarya as Warrior. Consequently, Fnatic did did not have any high control and mobility warriors. Additionally Tyreal does an amazing job of countering Graviton Surge with his Sanctification. Ballistix takes game 1 with an amazing tank composition.

Game 2


After game 1, Ballistix pulls out a comfort draft and picks a Zeratul combo team. Utilizing Zeratul’s Void Prison, they set up amazing silences with Twilight Dream or disengage with Mighty Gust. Additionally, Li-Ming’s spells are guaranteed to hit after the stun. Malfurion has seen a lot of play in this tournament and Twilight Dream has been picked every game. The area silence is devastating against a melee heavy team! Greymane could not properly use his combos once silenced.

Game 3


With Warhead Junction being the next map, Fnatic attempts to draft a “global” team. With Brightwing and Falstad both picked, they should be able to respond to nuke spawns and hit far off bases. As the game panned out, the true all-star of the match was Schwimpi on Tracer. He was able to pick off strangling members of the enemy team and get away from impossible situations. By taking this game from the Korean favorites, Fnatic showed that even titans can fall.

Game 4


The fourth game brings us to Towers of Doom which promotes team fighting. There is no normal objective, but rather capture the flag objectives that deal damage to the enemy team. Ballistix quickly flexes their muscles and push down Fnatic’s bottom keep. This allowed them to funnel in mercenary camps to deal damage directly to the team and quickly outpace them. With what seemed like a less powerful draft, Ballistix showed off why they deserved to be the champions.


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