New Heroes of the Storm Characters: Varian and Ragnaros

Varian and Ragnaros

The Heroes of the Storm team took to the stage at Blizzcon to announce new characters. Varian and Ragnaros will be landing in the Nexus soon! The Team showed off the two new characters as well as a whole bunch of new skins and a new map! The announcement trailer is one of the best yet so make sure to watch it now!

Its good to see another trailer that shows off that famous Blizzard style!

Varian and Ragnaros

Each of the heroes has a “In Development” video up now that I’ll link but from the looks of it these two will stand out in pretty unique ways when they enter the game. Varian will be able to choose between an assassin spec or tank spec at level ten. Ragnaros will have some heavy damage abilities and become a “boss” by taking over a base. They are unique for sure, but the dual specialty of Varian seems the most interesting to me. In Heroes of the Storm you are limited by the hero’s talents since there isn’t an item shop, but a dual specialization hero can adapt depending on the game. I hope to see more of these in the future!

The team showed off a bunch of new skins as well and they all look great! The biggest announcement seems to be the cross game promotion of Overwatch and Heroes. Its no secret that Overwatch has been more successful than Heroes of the Storm, so to capitalize on its popularity Blizzard is bribing players. If a player joins a group and plays 15 games of Heroes of the Storm they can earn a very cool Overwatch Genji skin.

oni genji

There was plenty to see and hopefully we will have more news coming out of Blizzcon in the next few days. Until then check out the video below that shows off the new heroes, map, and skins!


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