World Championship 2016

First and foremost, I would like to congratulate all the teams that competed on the World stage. These past few weeks were full of exciting games, and lots of emotions as teams were eliminated from the tournament. Secondly, a giant congratulations to SKT T1 and Samsung Galaxy to making it to the finals. Here’s to an action packed final’s match! Join in tonight at 7:30pm ET for the finals.

Semi Finals Recap

Let’s first recap the semifinals quickly to see what we have in stored for this Sunday. Working backwards, we had the H2K vs SSG match. H2K was the western world’s last hope of making it into the finals. Unfortunately, they were swept 3-0 by SSG. SSG showed to the world that there is a big difference between the Western Teams and the Korean Teams. ROX just felt like they were commanding the flow of the games, and H2K

Rox Tigers vs SKT T1 was much different. This series felt like it could have the championship game. SKT T1 came out on top in the very last game, beating ROX 3-2. SKT had a very composed feeling even though they were down 1-2 going into a 4th and 5th game, where any slip up would cost them the match. Faker and team played outstandingly in these last two games. Never really wavering or showing a crack in their god like play.

Are they really gods amongst men? We will find out later today as SKT faces off against Samsung Galaxy. The last time SKT battled it out against SSG was in the LCK Summer Finals, where SKT came out on top. Was Samsung’s performance against H2K a good gauge of what’s to come in the finals? I don’t think so. Going back to watch the LCK finals, it was very standard League of Legends. Play strong picks in the Meta and play through the game. There was no unexpected picks or Meta breaking champions. You end up watching some clean League of Legends.

SKT being the clear favorites to win Worlds from their track history against Samsung, means that Samsung needs to come out without holding back any strats. It’s going to be a long match, but Samsung can prove to the world that the superstar team is stoppable.

How can Samsung stop SKT then?

For Samsung, it’s not going to be about singling out a sing SKT member and crippling them, because when you focus one SKT member, the other members step up to compensate for the gap. Samsung will need to control the fire that is SKT. Each lane needs to stay even or on top of their lane counter parts. If even one lane is behind, it will feel like all of Samsung is behind, just because of how much SKT capitalizes on small leads. If Samsung can show that they can keep up with SKT in the first 2 games, they surely will bring down their mental fortitude.

Samsung wants to go 1-1 in the first two games. It is critical that both games are close and comes down to a few team fights to decide the victor. Game 3 Samsung needs to come in strong, showing that they belong and deserve to be contenders for first place. If Samsung can manage a 2-1 lead, they have a strong chance of becoming the champions. If Samsung falters at all, then SKT will run all of them

SKT for them to win, they just need to run wild. They are a team of superstars, if they keep playing at their own pace, there could be no stopping them. My predictions, SKT 3-2 over Samsung. SKT has a proven track record against Samsung, and they also have the Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, and Steph Curry love child of e-Sports… Faker (senpai). Here’s to some killer games!

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