Smite Halloween festivities with The Reaping Part 3

Reaping Part 3

Today Hi-Rez announced the third part of its Halloween celebration with The Reaping Part 3!

The Reaping Part 3

This time players will be able to earn some sweet extra gems just for getting three first wins of the day. This will Friday to Monday, for a total of 200 extra gems. All you have to do is… you know play and win. This may sound easier said than done but for the extra gems its worth it!

The reaping

Original text from the Smite official site is below!

You survived parts I and II but can you survive The Reaping: Part III? From Friday, October 28th to Monday, October 31st, earn 50 Gems for completing 3 First Wins of the Day EACH day. That means you can earn up to 50 Gems per day, totaling 200 Gems over the weekend.

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