SMITE Announces Patch 3.20 Cyber Sentinel

Cyber Sentinel update

Hi-Rez hosted a stream yesterday announcing the chances coming to the 3.20 Cyber Sentinel patch in SMITE. Let’s break down some of the new features and changes in the patch. Below is the Twitch stream in case you missed it.

Watch live video from on

New Skins

With the patch, the Prototype Scylla skin will be added to the Odyssey roster! This skins comes with a sleek, cyberpunk chrome finish. Here is the YouTube video featuring the skin.

Not only does Scylla get an Odyssey skin, but she also gets the new Mastery Skin treatment. She’s no longer a golden statue, but rather a scary girl in a cute gold dress.


Rama also gets a new set of Mastery skins. This Indian god has never looked hunkier.


Additionally, we also get new T2 Skins for Rama and Kumbhakarna.

Lastly, Tormentula Arachne rounds out the additions to Odyssey 2017.


Odyssey 2017

We’re getting some new toys added to the Odyssey. We’ve seen the new skins for Arachne and Scylla, but on top of that we’re finally getting the Lore Lady announcer pack!

Balance Changes

Several Mayan gods are getting minor buffs in this patch. Personal favorite of mine, Ah Puch, is getting increased health and mana sustain. Ah Muzen Cab is getting some quality of life improvements to his bees and honey mechanics. This should allow for a smoother experience. Contrary to what the community thinks, Camazotz is getting some cooldown reduction. Let’s hope he doesn’t get too good.

Bacchus‘ healing debuff is doubling in potency. This will allow for him to be a great counter-pick to heavy sustain teams.

Kali can now choose who she marks for dead before a match starts! Now you can’t say RNGeejus costed you a game!

Thanatos no longer uses percentage max health to cast spells, but current health. This change will allow him to stay relevant for longer in fights.


I’m personally excited for this patch. Ah Puch is one of my favorite mages and I can’t wait to try him out with the sustain changes. Leave a comment below about how you feel about the Cyber Sentinel Patch.

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