Last Week in Heroes October 17th

Welcome to Last Week in Heroes, where I recap all the fun, cool, and interesting things that happened in Heroes of the Storm over the past week.


  • We start off with the introduction of the first week’s Brawl, Punisher Arena. In this brawl, players will have to choose between three given heroes and enter a death-match filled with the Punisher bosses. If you thought one  Punisher in Battlefield of Eternity was bad, you’ll love getting chain stun’ed to death here.
  • The schedule for Blizzcon is announced! With that comes the announcement of the HotS Fall Championship. You can find the schedule here.  Group A matches will take place on October 26th, Group B matches will take place on October 27th. From those two brackets there will be deciding matches on the 28th. Grand Finals will take place from November 4th-5th. There will be plenty of coverage here at MoreMOBA.
  • If you missed the European Nexus Games 2016, someone made an amazing infographic about everything that happened during the tournament. I’m am both surprised and impressed that Valla is being played so much! With her recent buffs, she’s rising up as the best ranged auto-attack carry in the game.
  • Blizzard sponsored a Rocketjump video featuring some awesome cosplay of our favorite heroes. These guys are amazing at special effects and you can see it throughout the video.

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