Boston Major Invite Predictions

Boston Major Invite Predictions

Last night the predictions for the Boston Major invitations came up! This is the first time that players can vote on the Invitations for the Major, and I had a lot of fun with it.

Fall predictions

Boston Major Invite predictions

The invites going out shouldn’t bee too hard to analyze this time. For the most part there haven’t been any large tournaments since The International. This means that Valve will have to infer a lot of info from just a few games and from their performance during The International.

  • EG– The long time fan favorites have continued to perform well even after their shake up. Cr1t has shown that he has what it takes to be a captain, and the team looks strong. I expect them 100% to be there.
  • OG– The team may have dropped sooner than expected in during The International but after regrouping they are looking very strong. With a new team they managed third place in the MDL tournament, and look very strong. I think this is a 90% invite.
  • Newbee–  Newbee didn’t do very well in the International, but then very few teams did as was expected. In the largest recent tournament however they placed second. Besides placing well the team also performed well, and looking at the history of invites Valve places at least some importance on recent performance. I am not positive about this one but im giving it 80%.
  • Wings Gaming– As the winners of The International this is just expected. Unless there is some huge problem this is a 100%.
  • Team Secret– This is really tough. Although the team did horribly in The International, they placed 4th in the MDL, and the players are all highly skilled. I don’t know about this one but after winning the Winter Major, and being a top tier team I just expect them there. With all that said I’m giving Secret a 50% chance
  • Escape– This was a mistake, I mean to put Team Liquid here… but after putting them here I thought about it and kept them in the spot. Currently the team is sitting on a 4-0 record in Dream League, and Team Liquid is at a 1-3. So my gut may know something my brain doesn’t. Still its a long shot for the team, I hope they make it, but they are still pretty new. I’ll put this guess at 50%.
  • Digital Chaos– The team blew their competition away and proved they are a top tier team during The International. I’m going with 90% on this one.
  • Fnatic– After picking up some new blood the team is looking very strong. The mix of TNC and Fnatic absolutely deserves to be there. I give this guess a 85%.

Honorable mention

  • Team Liquid- The team isn’t doing well recently but thats not to say they are a bad team. They may earn an invitation through their past high placements. I give this a 40% chance.
  • Ehome- I struggled a lot with Ehome. I think they deserve to go, but I wasn’t sure where to put them. If i replace anyone on the list it will be Escape and put Ehome in their place. 50%

I’m happy this was added to the Fall compendium. Predicting the Boston Major Invites was a lot of fun, and I hope you have fun too!

Let me know if you have any ideas or comments!

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