Play Like a God: Nu Wa

Nu Wa

The 2016 Odyssey provided us with many amazing skins. One of my personal favorites is the Old Wa skin for Nu Wa. Many consistently recommend Nu Wa as a starter god due to her low skill skill floor. She has an easy to understand kit, but enough complexity and nuance so you can scale with her. I highly recommend Nu Wa if you’re just starting to play SMITE.


Nu Wa’s Abilities

Passive: Strength of Wood – After 5 successful basic attacks, Nu Wa’s next basic attack will root enemies.

1: Mysterious Fog – Nu Wa condenses moisture into fog at her location which then rolls forward away from her. She and all allies are stealthed while inside the fog, and have increased movement speed. Attacking breaks the stealth effect. Enemies that run into the fog take damage, and continue to take additional damage again every second they are in the fog.

2: Clay Soldiers – Nu Wa conjures Clay Soldiers from the earth. These soldiers have Health equal to 200 plus 20% of Nu Wa’s maximum health, and deal damage with basic attacks. Clay Soldiers will attack the closest enemy when summoned and if you or an ally are hit by an enemy god they will switch to that god. Gods hit by their initial charge will take damage and have their Magical Protections reduced.

3: Shining Metal – Nu Wa launches a mass of shining metal, damaging all enemies it hits. If it hits one of her Clay Soldiers, it explodes, dealing additional damage and stunning enemies.

4: Fire Shards – Nu Wa flies up into the clouds, gaining visibility on all enemy gods, and summoning fire shards from the sky to damage each of them.

Shine Bright like a Diamond

Nu Wa uses her mastery of the elements and clay soldiers to decimate he foes on the battlefield.  She pushes towers and phoenixes incredibly well with her Clay Soldiers. While I choose to play her in Arena to demonstrate her abilities, she is much more powerful on a traditional map with towers and phoenixes.

Combo’ing with Nu Wa is very important to playing her optimally. Shining Metal is both a nuke and a stun if you can land it on your Clay Soldiers. At maximum rank, the combination of the two abilities can nearly one-shot most squishy targets. Try and land the root from Strength of Wood first, to ensure the enemy cannot walk away from the stun. You can even get really cheeky and use Mysterious Fog to cover up your Clay Soldiers and protect them.

Nu Wa possesses the iconic Fire Shards ultimate.  Similar to Zeus in DotA 2 and Karthus in League of Legends, she has the ability to hit all enemies on the map for a significant amount of damage. You can force your enemies to use Sanctuary because of threat of ultimate activation. Fire Shards is another reason Nu Wa is so scary on larger maps.

Sample Gameplay

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