Last Week in Heroes October 10th!

With much eager anticipation, this week brings Hallow’s End back into the PTR! Along with a ANOTHER new hero and a new game mode, Blizzard is hitting us with an amazing one-two punch! Next week’s patch is definitely going to knock you out.


  • Hallow’s End will be here starting next week until the week of November 2! There is going to be a 50% XP bonus in every game mode. There is also a Hallow’s End Event Quest to play 15 games during this time to unlock the Deputy Valla Portrait!
  • Samuro, the Blademaster was announced this week. You can read more about him in our post here.

  • Back from previous Blizzcon’s, the Brawl game mode has made it’s way back! Just like in Hearthstone and Overwatch, there will be a unique game mode introduced every week for us to enjoy in the Nexus. If you didn’t think Heroes of the Storm games could get any faster, there are now 5 minute Brawl games.

  • We got a great In Development Video with all the new skins from the upcoming patch! My personal favorite are Scarecrow Xul and the very Lovecraftian Eye Pad.

  • If you’re curious about winrates, Zarya sits on top of her throne with a new up and coming Malfurion. Malfurion is grown a lot in popularity and success in the recent weeks. It did help that he received a buff.

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