Fall 2016 Battle Pass

As if announcing the Boston Major wasn’t sweet enough news, the Fall 2016 Battle Pass is up! The Dota 2 team updated the site today to tell us more. The battle pass is in the game now, and costs $7.99. Included in the Battle Pass is the “Autumn” seasonal terrain, a loading screen, a chest, and a single battle cup ticket. As usual the Fall Battle Pass is a no brainer for fans of the game.

fall 2016 battle pass

If you don’t know much about the Battle Cup, it is a tournament held in the Dota 2 client intermittently for everyone from the lowest of 1k MMR players to the pros! If you have a team and a ticket you can play! The first Battle Cup will be this weekend, October 8th.

Fall Battle Pass and Fall Chest

The battle pass has what Dota 2 fans have come to expect. A quest line, leveling, wagering, and rewards are all waiting for you. It looks like buying in to the pass will only grant you level 1 and to level up any more you will need to play some games!

The Fall chest will have 3 tiers with only the first available now. Keep an eye open for the next couple chests in the coming weeks.

Since its easier to show than to tell, I recorded a video showing off the Battle Pass today. Check it out right here, and make sure to give us a thumbs up and subscribe on youtube!

Thanks for reading and leave a comment below about what you got in your chest!

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