Congratulations to the winners of the MDL Championship

MDL Autumn

MDL Championship, The first major tournament after the post TI roster swap completed today. Although there were some other tournaments recently, this is the first that has attracted teams like EG, Newbee, OG, and Secret. After the roster shuffle everyone has been eager to see these teams play. Its incredible to remember that this is the same patch that was played during TI. Even after all this time there the meta is still pretty flexible, and teams are still finding new ways to play it.

MDL Tournament Results

During the group stage Newbee and Evil Geniuses showed that even with new rosters they are still top tier teams. Both finished their groups with 0 losses. Both OG and Secret finished their groups in second place with 1 loss each. During the playoff games Newbee managed to hold the top spot right up till the Grand Finals where Evil Geniuses took the series 3-1.


It was a great tournament to showcase the new teams. All of the new rosters played well together, but it was clear that not all of them are working at 100% yet! I was most excited to see how well Cr1t would perform as the coach of EG. It’s hard to say for sure yet, but I was impressed with what I’ve seen so far. It’s hard to fill the shoes of PPD, but in their first tournament the team was on point. Im excited to see what will happen over the next few months until the next Major!

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