Last Week in Heroes September 26th

Hello again everyone! The Last Week in Heroes series took a brief hiatus as we started the Weekly Recap videos. We did not have the time this weekend to film the Weekly Recap. It was the right time to bring you a Last Week in Heroes. Let’s dive into what cool things happened over the last week.


  • Taking a page from the competitive scene, Sgt. Hammer ends up as the most winningest hero at the end of the week.  Brightwing and Kerrigan continue to do well in the pub scene.
  • Patch notes for the Zarya Patch have reached the PTR! We should see our favorite Overwatch Tank come into the Nexus. There are some surprises in the patch, including a HP buff to Tychus which makes his HP higher than Anub’arak‘s. Nazeebo gets a rework with the ability to reduce all magic damage by 50% all the time. Wow. With the Zarya Patch, we have the release of the Warhead Junction map. Below is a video previewing the newest map for Heroes of the Storm.

  • If you are an audiophile, Blizzard published an amazing behind the scenes video about Machines of War. It’s really cool to hear the designers talk about the things they sampled audio recording from.

  • Making huge waves in the community, Blizzard responds to other MOBA’s prize pools by revamping the 2017 Global Championship structure. Similar to the Riot‘s LCS, the top 8 teams from each region will receive regular compensation. There is also going to be more frequent global tournaments throughout the year.
  • Carbot Animations gave us a couple great videos last week. First is a short highlighting Zagara. Second is an idBeCoolif video for Lady Vashj. I’m a huge fan of nagas as a race and with Queen Azshara being an important lore character in the World of Warcraft Legion expansion, Blizzard this is the right time. Give me a ranged Naga Assassin. Please.


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