Play like a God: Amaterasu

In Play like a God we like to take some time to help introduce you to a character. We aren’t here to tell you the best build or the perfect item set, but just help you learn more about them. Today we are taking a look at the Goddess of the sun, Amaterasu.

Smite Gods are sometimes given listed in a role that I don’t agree with, and Amaterasu is one of them. On the Smite page she is listed as a warrior. While that description isn’t necessarily wrong, it doesn’t really describe Amaterasu very well. With higher damage, and less health  players who dive into fights too early will find themselves punished heavily. Amaterasu may have a lower health pool than other warriors, but she makes up for it with high amounts of health regen, damage mitigation, and damage. I’ll get into her abilities below, but its important to know that in the early game you should not be diving or taking extra risks.


Early game can be hard for Amaterasu, but if well-managed in the late game she is nearly unstoppable.  Her skills combined with the right mix of items can grant her insane amounts of health regen, damage, and speed. Knowing where you are in the game is very important. Nearly as important is knowing where your enemies are, and if you can fight them. I have had many games where I felt confident going into a fight only to find my enemy stronger than I expected.

Amaterasu is well suited to many situations, but you need to be flexible. If your team is looking for an initiator,  you should build some resistance and armor. If your team’s damage is low you can build some extra damage items and slowing items. The point is that you should look for the opportunity to help your team and build towards it. Unlike some other characters the flexibility given to Amaterasu is something you need to be aware of. You can build her the same way every single game but she’s going to be boring.

Foxy amaterasu


Passive: Illuminating Strike– On every hit Amaterasu applies a stack of illuminating Strike, at three stacks the target gains an aura which increases the damage done to them and any nearby enemies by 10%. The Aura can be applied to three enemies at a time and each stack falls off after 5 seconds. This ability is amazing, and most enemies will completely forget about it. The extra damage can really help during team fights, or in ganks. Don’t forget that you can apply the buff to 3 enemies, so apply it to several enemies during team fights to get the best spread on damage!

Divine Presence- I’ll admit this ability took a few tries before I fully understood it. There are two parts of the ability. The first is that upon activation Amaterasu heals for an amount + her physical power. The second part is that each time you activate the ability it will switch between Benevolence and Valor auras. Benevolence increases movement speed, while Valor grants bonus power. For anyone who has played around with stance switch Gods, you know how difficult it can be to manage this during a fight. Health regeneration is amazing, but if you accidentally switch to Valor when you want to run away all that extra health will be for nothing.

Heavenly Reflection- For 5 seconds Amaterasu gains damage mitigation from 3 to 15%. During this time any damage done will charge her mirror. At the end of the mitigation her mirror fires a projectile forward, passing through enemies and dealing damage. The mirror deals additional damage based on the amount of damage absorbed, up to twice the base amount. At early levels the damage mitigated is so low that you shouldn’t count on it to keep you alive. The damage it provides though is nothing to sneeze at! With only one level it deals 100 damage at range, which for a melee hero can be enough to finish of a running enemy.

Glorious Charge- Amaterasu silences all enemies in front of her and dashes forward, stopping at the first enemy god hit. As far as initiation abilities go this one is just incredible. Silencing your enemy before dropping on top of them is just beautiful. This can also be used to escape when needed, but since the silence only works on enemies in front of her its best suited to be used on the way in.

Dazzling Offensive- Amaterasu executes a three-part combo, sweeping her blade in a cone in front of her. The first hit deals damage, the second hit deals 20% more damage and slows, the third hit will do 40% more damage and sun. At least one enemy must be hit during each swipe to progress the combo. This ultimate is incredible during team fights, and combined with your passive you will be dealing 50% more damage on the last hit!


Strengths & Weaknesses

In the early game Amaterasu has no good way to protect herself. You can put a point into Glorious Charge to help with escapes but don’t expect the healing from Divine Presence or the damage mitigation from Heavenly Reflection to keep you alive. Depending on what you team needs you can build items to help survive fights or deal damage, but remember that items that proc on heal also apply since she can heal herself. Additionally, items that block damage do so before the damage mitigation from Heavenly Reflection. It’s hard to narrow down a specific strength for her, but you could say that her flexibility is one of the strongest aspects of her, and you need to build around that!


Good luck with her, and leave a comment with your thoughts!

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