New League of Legends Champion: Ivern

ivern featured

Riot announced its newest character yesterday, Ivern the Green Father. This is the first new hero in a couple of months and from what I’ve seen he looks neat! League of Legends is doing a lot of reworks and updates on champions in addition to their normal patch updates lately. The addition of another hero to the mix is interesting. This could mean that players branch out to new strategies, or go to tried and true ones. Only time will tell.

Ivern: The green Father

From a design standpoint Ivern looks like he is a jungle support, which… sounds odd. He will be able to farm camps and shield his allies. Ivern can create spots for ganks, then help with roots and gapclosers. It looks like he’s the type of hero that will make a pretty dramatic impact on the support meta, similar to Bard, or Tahm Kench. But we’ll see if my associates think so too!



Passive: Friend of the Forest- Ivern doesn’t clear camps, but instead frees them. Using some of his health and mana Ivern creates a groove on the camp. After some time the grove can be clicked on granting him gold and XP. While this seems like its just going to eat up the jungle position’s farm, after level 5 he leaves the buff of blue or red camps behind. This means that he can clear camps for an ally allowing them to speed up their rotation through the jungle and gank sooner.

Rootcaller- Ivern shoots out a root that deals damage, and then roots the target. Any ally who uses a basic attack on the rooted target will automatically dash to the target. The setup potential on this is just insane.

Brushmaker- A two-part ability: as a passive if Ivern is in a bush he is granted increased range and damage. When activated this ability allows him to create a patch of brush, which will decay after some time. This also grants vision temporarily around the bushes. If the ability is placed close to another bush or a wall slightly more bushes are created. Another unique ability, but its the multiple uses here that interests me the most. Using the bushes for ganks, or psyching your opponent out, or just for vision all seem borderline OP. I haven’t seen it yet, but if the cooldown on this isn’t high I can see Ivern getting picked constantly.

Triggerseed- Ivern puts a shield on an ally. After a short duration the shield explodes, dealing damage and slowing enemies. This kit just looks more and more diverse and fun!

Ultimate: Daisy- Ivern summons a rock sentinel to attack his enemies. Enemies hit by Daisy three times will be knocked up along with anyone behind them. Players can use this ability again to pick a new target. After a set duration or when her health bar is depleted, Daisy returns to the earth.

Ivern wall

Final Thoughts

I have a feeling that we will be seeing a lot of Ivern in the next few months. His kit seems perfectly suited at nearly every point in the game, and in multiple roles. It will be interesting to see how flexible his kit is when he goes live. If he isn’t fine tuned when he is added to the game he will be way too strong or weak. Honestly this is one of the most interesting characters I’ve seen added to League in some time!

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