Smite Odyssey Event: Xing Tian’s Mountain

Smite Odyssey Event

The Smite Odyssey has started and the first event has begun! Xing Tian’s Mountain is a unique event since it’s the first PVE experience to come to Smite. The event is along the same lines as Diretide or other DotA events, where the players team up to take on bosses. The event is a lot of fun, so we wanted to break it down for you!


Event Details

The event pits players agains wave after wave of fights, to see how long they can last. Each fight is different and while some are just a single boss, others could be a dozen enemies and a tower to clear. Players are required to either clear the waves before the time limit. If they fail, or all players die the round and the game ends. If you and your team manage to clear a few waves you have a chance to make the leaderboard, and get some loot!

The rounds are tough and need a balanced team to be successful. Crowd Control, burst damage, and being able to survive a fight go a long way in this mode. We found that heroes like Hel, Poseidon, Anubis, and other AOE heavy fighters do very well, since single target damage is a lower priority. Hong recorded a video of the game mode, check it out!

Hong’s group was lucky enough to make it past round 5 and won an Odyssey chest! The chest contains some great items so its in your interest┬áto win!

Of all the Smite events this one is without a doubt one of my favorites so far. The event is fast, fun, and challenging. The event ends on October 11th so make sure you play before then!

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