Play Like a God: Poseidon

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In today’s edition of Play Like a God, we’ll be looking at Poseidon, Greek god of the sea. Poseidon is one of my favorites Mages to play due to his raw power and ability to turn around a team fight in a matter of seconds. Known for his iconic ultimate, his true power lies in the fluidity of his toolkit and deceptively powerful crowd control ability. If you like area control and team fight Mages, Poseidon is a great hero to pick up. While he’s a niche pick in the competitive scene, pro’s that play him well prove that he deserves a spot on any team.


Poseidon’s Abilities

Passive: Changing Tides – Poseidon’s Movement speed increases and his abilities do additional damage as his Tide Level increases. Successful basic attack hits increase his Tide, and using abilities decreases it.

1: Tidal Surge – Poseidon summons forth a wave that travels in a line, dealing damage and pushing back all enemies in its path.

2: Trident – Poseidon activates his Trident, granting Move speed and making his basic attacks fire 2 additional shots in a spread for 6s. The shots deal magical damage plus 20% of his Magical Power. All shots increase Poseidon’s Tide on successful hit.

3: Whirlpool – Poseidon summons a whirlpool at his ground target location that cripples targets, preventing movement abilities, and pulls targets toward the center dealing magical damage every .5s for 3s. Reduces his Tide by 25% when cast.

4: Release the Kraken – Poseidon releases the Kraken, damaging and slowing targets in its radius. Enemies in the center of the effect when it spawns take additional damage, are bounced into the air and stunned.

Release the Kraken

I love gods whose abilities play off of their passive. Changing Tides grants Poseidon increased movement speed and damage on spells. The tide level decreases as you cast spells, but this allows you control over which abilities get the maximum Changing Tides buff. Trident provides a scaling magic damage buff to his auto-attacks and tripling your tide generation. Using Trident to do damage and getting the maximum 20% damage increase from Changing Tides is critical.

The key combination for Poseidon is Whirlpool into Release the Kraken. Whirlpool is an amazing crowd control ability. Learn to place the dead center of it on an enemy. Whirlpool will immediately root the enemy, and their movement abilities restricted. It is on an incredibly low cooldown. While the enemy is stuck in Whirlpool, you can activate Trident to get multiple attacks on a stationary target. This allows you to finish off with a powerful Tidal Surge.

Under the Sea

I played an arena game as Poseidon as a part of the series. You can see how polarizing he is as a god. A well placed Whirlpool/Kraken combo would decide the fate of each teamfight. Although he does not have a movement ability, he does get movement speed from Changing Tides and Trident. There are times where I had to use Whirlpool defensively to escape a gank. Poseidon is a great god, and definitely worth a pick up if you enjoy mages.

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