The Paradigm conflict shows Smite has drama too

Over the past few days there has been a situation developing in the Smite Pro scene. A situation that had the potential to throw the entire Pro scene in turmoil. Team Paradigm was ranked as second in the European Smite league, and with the next season of games coming up, contracts were prepared. it started with some tweets from the team’s owner that seemed reasonable enough. She was trying to work out a contract for the team that gave them a $1 salary per month, they kept 75% of their winnings, and the organization kept 100% of the in game Skin sales. (For those who aren’t aware Smite players are payed pretty well, according to esportsearnings)


Around the same time the players started to take to social media and claim that they were being represented unfairly. The owner said that things were continuing to get off track, and that the team would be forfeiting their upcoming games if they couldn’t come to an agreement. The owner also claimed she was negotiating for another organization to buy the team out. The players had already contacted Hi-Rez asking them to intercede and it was about this time when..


The competitive ruling was dished out!

Hi-Rez found in favor of the players and allowed them to hold their spot in the league and asked Paradigm to cut all ties with Hi-Rez. This means the team is allowed to keep playing and defend their second place spot, and will most likely be fielding some better offers from other organizations, especially since the first place team was bought out.

It is sad to see such un-professionalism from the esports scene, but I have a feeling that’s why Hi-Rez got involved. The second place team forfeiting their games would be terribly disruptive to the scene. I hope that the team can find a new organization soon, and things work out for everyone involved.

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