Paragon announces new Hero: Lt. Belica

The team at Epic has once again stayed true to the #every3weeks mantra and showed off their newest hero Lt. Belica. The announcement trailers coming out of Epic are… well… epic. But I was concerned after the amazing Narbash trailer, that the next hero wouldn’t be as cool. Luckily the team fired on all cylinders and delivered this gem!

Lt. Belica

Paragon wasn’t hurting for burst damage heroes but it looks like Lt. Belica will fill an interesting role as a survivable caster with crazy burst damage. Her skills look like they are going to need a lot of practice, and I can’t wait to try her out.

Dat ass


Void Drone– From the video it looks like this ability will put a little drone guy¬†in an area and drain mana from any enemies in a small area, then if the hero casts a spell it will deal damage to them. Pretty straight forward, but if Pugna has shown us anything it’s that anyone who makes enemies question casting a spell is very useful during a team fight!

Void Bomb– After a short delay the bomb detonates, dealing damage and restoring mana for each enemy hit. Again, pretty straight forward but trying to time it and get the most amount of mana back will be tough. Similar to her drone during team fights this ability will be incredible.

Seismic Assault– A skill shot that deals damage in a line and knocks up enemies hit. I’m a pretty big fan of skill shots and this one looks like its going to be really useful. Belica looks like the perfect hero for setting up ganks and really disrupting fights. A knock up combined with both her other abilities makes for a perfect “set them up and knock um down” combo.

Neural Disrupter– Lt. Belica casts an area of effect ability that deals damage based on the enemies amount of missing mana. It looks like the team wanted a hero who could capitalize on teams that group up and “death ball” since most of her abilities will be better against aggressive teams that push too far and stay in fights for too long.

Lt. Belica

I really can’t wait to play this hero. Of every hero in Paragon this is the one that I can’t wait to play on the first day. She looks like the perfect mix of solo power, team fight disruption, and crazy damage!

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