Support Group: Elder Titan the Worldsmith

In Support Group we try to introduce players to  characters they can use to help support with in Dota 2. As one of the highest picked heroes in the International and boasting a 55% win rate you should too! Elder Titan is an awesome character that plays well at all levels of the game, and with a little practice can be a very fun character!

Elder Titan

There are only a few melee supports because  they usually want to stay away from the fights. Elder Titan challenges this idea since being ranged would make him too strong, so it also forces the support player into a different position than they are used to. Positioning is one of the most important aspects of Elder Titan’s gameplay. You will need to constantly be pushing your way into the fight, chasing when necessary and helping your team escape. Most of his moves will need you to be aware of your teams play-style and where your enemies are for you to be successful. Elder Titan is tough to learn. He’s not as hard as Io, but don’t expect it to be easy!

Elder Titan


Echo Stomp– Elder Titan and his Astral Spirit stomp the ground, dealing damage and knocking their enemies unconscious!  While Elder Titan deals physical damage with this move, his spirit deals magical damage. This move is one of the things that make Elder Titan such a play maker in the early game. At level 1 this ability stuns for 2 seconds with a 500 unit radius. At later levels it stuns for a full five seconds and since both elder titan and his spirit both stomp together players can catch multiple enemies easily. This ability will allow you and your team to get into or out of fights easily, letting your team determine the games pace.

Astral Spirit– The Titan sends his spirit to a target location. After summoning it Titan can control the unit, damaging any units it passes through. When the spells duration ends the spirit returns to Elder Titan, buffing him for each enemy it damaged. The Spirit will also cast Echo Stomp with Titan, and possesses the Natural Order debuff. This ability is strange for most support players, there aren’t too many multiple unit characters, so they’re tough to learn. Luckily Titan only has his Spirit for a few seconds, but knowing when and how to use it are paramount.

Natural Order– Elder Titan lowers the Armor and Magical resistance of all enemy units around him. Since both Titan and his spirit have the aura, you need to stay close to the fight, or keep your spirit in the fight. At max level this will reduce armor by 100% and Magical Resistance by 33%. These are both incredible for your team, and your Cores will thank you!

Earth Splitter- Elder Titan cracks the earth and after a good round number (3.14s) it implodes. When this happens all enemies caught in the crack take a % of their max health as damage, and are slowed. Simply put, there is no greater feeling than landing as Elder Titan than landing a multi-hero Earth Splitter. The damage is up to 50% at max level, and can decimate a team. Since the crack is visible to enemies this will be hard to land, but with echo stomp getting the combo down is a matter of practice.

Elder Titan Set

Shaping the world

Just like most supports I would say the items you buy and the levels you pick up certain talents are dependent on the team you are playing with. I don’t think that Agh. is necessary for elder titan since it just adds a disarm to Earth Splitter. If you have the extra gold its not bad, but I don’t think its a core item. One thing I do recommend is trying to learn this character against bots since he has such a high skill curve.

The most important thing though is to have fun! Leave a comment below and we’ll see you next time on Support Group!


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