DotA 2 Key Concepts: Map Objectives

Map objectives

We are going to look at three of the major map objectives in DotA 2. The first line of defense you will encounter are Towers. After your breach the enemy’s Towers you will encounter the Barracks. In between killing your opponent’s Towers and Barracks, you may choose to fight the fearsome Roshan and fetch his cheese. Let’s take a deeper dive into each of these map objectives and talk about where they are and what they exactly do.

The Towers


There are four sets of towers they defend the enemy ancient, each of them protecting the next. Each tower, except for the first tier one (T1) tower, is protected by a buff called Backdoor Protection, preventing it from being damaged until the one in front of it is killed. Towers take damage from both minions and player auto-attacks, but not player spells. Standing near a tower will provide you with a Tower Protection buff improving your armor. Towers also provide True Sight granting vision of all invisible units near it.

When a tower is destroyed, the allying team receives a gold bounty. The bounty increases as the team clears deeper and deeper towers. The further you push, the more dangerous it can be to clear towers, but the reward becomes higher. The following is a map outlining the gold bounties for each of the four tiers of towers:


A player can score a last hit on a tower and receive a personal bonus to the gold bounty. That player receives an additional 150-250 gold, dependent on which tier tower is destroyed. A tower can also be denied, or mercy-killed by it’s own team below 10% health, to reduce the bounty by 80-140 gold per person.

The Barracks


You will find the enemy Barracks after cracking their tier 3 towers. Each of the three lanes has both a Melee Barracks and a Ranged Barracks. Unlike other games like League of Legends or Smite, Barracks do not regenerate after a period of time. Once the rubble falls, there is no going back. Unlike towers, Barracks do not have the Backdoor Protection buff.

Destroying the Melee Barracks will grant 275 gold to each player on your team.  Without their Melee Barracks, your minions in that lane will deal increased damage, have increased health and armor, and provide a smaller gold and experience bounty when destroyed. They also get a little bit bigger as well.

Destroying the Ranged Barracks will grant 225 gold to each player on your team. Similar to the Melee Barracks, destroying the enemy Ranged Barracks will provide your minions in that lane will deal increased damage, have increased health and armor, and provide a smaller gold and experience bounty when destroyed.

Since there are more melee minions in a wave, it is best to kill the Melee Barracks if you have the choice between the two of them. The Melee Barracks will regenerate in health if you do not destroy it, so if you are short on time, the Ranged Barracks may be a better option. The Ranged Barracks also has 300 less health and 5 less armor as compared to the Melee Barracks.

Roshan the Immortal


Roshan is a powerful neutral creep located in the middle of the right-hand river. He is the first unit that spawns in the game, and there are strategies that involve destroying him at level 1. When Roshan falls, the team that defeats him will receive a 200 gold bounty. He will also drop the powerful Aegis of the Immortal item, which will resurrect a fallen ally carrying the item within it’s 5 minute duration.

Roshan will re-spawn after 8-11 minutes randomly. Each time Roshan is defeated after the third, he will also drop the Cheese item. This consumable can either be sold for 500 gold or used to instantly heal 2500 health and 1000 mana.

Roshan is a formidable foe that boasts a powerful attack with the ability to stun and a spell-blocking shield. If you are trying to use illusion based heroes to kill him don’t bother. Illusions that attack Roshan will immediately be destroyed.

I hope this guide gives you a better idea of what you need to do to win a game of DotA 2. We will continue to dive into other concepts in the weeks going forward.

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