Play like a god: Ratatoskr

If you haven’t played Smite you could be forgiven for not knowing about Ratatoskr. The rat himself doesn’t look too devious, but just like any cute cuddly critter in a video game, looks are absolutely deceiving. With enough burst damage to rock the toughest tanks, and two different ways of moving around the map quickly Ratatoskr is worth checking out! With Play Like a God we aren’t here to tell you the best build, or set of items to buy, but just some helpful suggestions and a general introduction to the character.


One of the interesting parts of this character is that because Smite is played in third person and aiming is a major factor a tiny squirrel who dashes around is hard to deal with on auto attacks alone! When you look at his abilities you can see that this little guy was made to dash around, create havok, and get out before anyone has a chance to respond!

Ratatoskr Abilities

Passive: Acorn of Yggdrasil– The little guy gets his own acorn to know and love, and throughout the game can level it up just like any other item! It takes up a slot in his inventory so it is in its own way, a negative, but the item itself is very good for him though, buffing his movement speed and power, then giving him lifesteal at max level.

Dart– The little guy dashes forward dealing damage to any enemies hit, and stopping when he hits an enemy god. The ability also applies a movement speed slow to any enemies hit. The cooldown of this ability is also reduced by two seconds for each enemy hit with Flurry or Acorn Strike.

Flurry– Spinning around in a blur of fur and paws Ratatoskr attacks all enemies nearby four times and reducing their physical protection for each hit.

Acorn Blast– Pulling three acorns out of… somewhere… then shooting them forward, Ratatoskr deals damage in a cone in front of him, if an enemy is hit by more all three¬†of the acorns they are stunned and take extra damage.

Through the CosmosРAfter a short delay Ratatoskr jumps from the ground and onto the world tree. He can jump from branch to branch three times total, then on the final jump he crashes back to the ground dealing heavy damage.


Just a squirrel looking for his acorn

The strength of Ratatoskr comes from his ability to deal heavy damage quickly, and then escape! Depending on your teams composition you should be able to wait for team fights to start, come in and wreck a few peoples days then dash away when the attention gets on to you! My normal combo is to wait for someone to move away from their team, dash at them, use acorn blast to stun them, hit them with Flurry, try landing a few auto-attacks, then dash away. Most squishy characters will either die or be low enough that they need to head back to base. If you want to chase a kill you can always use your ultimate to move quickly across the map, and the cooldown isn’t terrible so getting pick offs should be your number one priority.

Cut down in my prime!

The little Rat is most susceptible to stuns. Since he has such a small health pool he relies on his speed and escapes to survive, if you can lock him down for even a moment, it might be enough time to burst him to oblivion. Since stuns and roots are so bountiful in the game if you are playing Ratatoskr you should make sure to pick up either beads or sanctuary relics to keep you alive in case you get caught.

As one of the reasons I started playing Smite Ratatoskr is just a fun little furball with tons of damage and cuteness to go around. He can burst nearly any target down at max level, and get away easily. He can hunt down kills from across the map, and clean up during chaotic team fights. As someone who isn’t very good with Carry or DPS position characters I find him to be one of the most fun characters in any game! Give him a try and let us know what you think!!

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