New Dota 2 Hero: Underlord The Dark Rift Update

The latest patch for Dota 2 was released today and along with some game improvements, the final Dota allstars character Underlord (previously known as Pitlord) was added to the game! As a completely different character I can’t wait to see how the meta develops around him. Let’s take a look at his kit and what he’s bringing to the game.



With such a unique kit it will be hard to see some advanced techniques until teams start to use him in high level play. I have a feeling that Underlord will be a huge part of the support scene going forward, due in part to his ability to waveclear, but during team fights he will be incredibly strong.


Underlord calls down waves of fire that deal damage and cause burn damage over time. With a large enough AOE to cover a creep wave or even team fights, this ability gives Underlord the damage needed to contribute to team fights, or even to clear camps if he needs farm.

Pit of Malice

Calling down a deadly pit that deals damage in a target area seems strong already, but when you consider that any enemy that enters the area gets trapped for a short time, this ability seems down right brutal.

Atrophy Aura

A passive that lowers the damage of any nearby enemies, and if any unit dies while under the effect Underlord gains bonus damage. So during a team fight you will be locking enemies down, dealing burn damage, and lowering their damage without even popping an item.

Dark Rift

Opens a rift under a friendly target, after a short time Underlord and all nearby allies are teleported to the target location. This ability is why I think he will find a very happy place in the pro scene, his ability to set up a gank is only second to IO, but since it can teleport everyone nearby the argument could be made that this ability can be even stronger in certain lineups.

I think alongside a Bounty Hunter or Riki support, teams will have a lot of success with Underlord, he has so much utility and with a little teamwork he will most certainly see a lot of insane wins!

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