Last Week in Heroes August 22nd

Sometimes there is an interesting bug, amazing replay, or cool story I want to share, but it is not of substance to write an article. I hope to collect all of those tidbits every week and compile them here to share with you all. MoreMOBA has begun a Weekly Recap series covering a few MOBA’s including Heroes of the Storm. If you missed it, here it is:

  • Gamescom took place this past week and Blizzard did not disappoint with content. We received the Machines of War teaser video where we see a Ghost Skin for Kerrigan. I feel like everyone is getting on the futuristic skin bandwagon. Riot released their Project skins not too long ago.

  • We received a In Development Video previewing some of the new maps, heroes, and skins!

  • Let’s break down some of the things we saw in the video. We are receiving Alarak, the main antagonist from Starcraft 2 Legacy of the Void, and Zarya, a ranged tank from Overwatch! Alarak is going to a very interesting melee Assassin with the ability to punish enemies who hit him at the wrong time. Counters are a great way to increase the skill ceiling of the game. Zarya possesses two extremely powerful ultimate abilities. Graviton Surge will act as a black hole, vacuuming everyone to the center, and Expulsion Zone will knock back and prevent everyone from entering an area.
  • HotS is finally receiving two new Starcraft themed maps! More importantly, both of the maps have different tile sets unlike the two back-to-back Diablo maps. I wonder how the addition of these two maps will impact the competitive scene. There are already a lot of maps in the game. Will there be a map rotation?
  • We also received word of a Valla rework from Gamescom. Grubby provides us with an in-depth look of the Valla changes coming in the same patch! Ranged auto-attack Assassins are getting some love again! There are a lot of similarities between Valla and League of Legend’s Vayne. The change to Manticore will allow her to do a flat amount of % max health damage, allowing her to scale into the late game.

  • I’m going to leave you all with a little teaser. Freeze-framed from the Alarak preview in the video above, we saw a familiar looking flag. Many believe this may be a teaser for Blademaster in Heroes of the Storm!


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