The summer days are numbered which means it is almost time to crown the summer split champions. After what seems to be a longer summer than the one in Game of Thrones, the semi finals are finally here. These semi final matches could not have been scripted better. SO ARE YOU READY TO BOARD THE HYPE TRAIN?

First, we have the two hottest teams to emerge in the NA LCS, Immortals vs Cloud9. Both immortals and Cloud9 took the NA scene by storm when they first emerged. They went on hot streaks beating long held powerhouses such as TSM, CLG, Dignitas, and even Curse. This will definitely be a match of the “dark horses”. They are favorites of many but even when TSM and CLG are falling short, we still have our eyes on them as if they were going to pull off a miracle. TSM and CLG are the old war veterans that you can’t help but want to watch fight.

Following these hopefully Epic Games, we have the classic TSM vs CLG match-up this Sunday August 21st. A long held rivalry between Andy ‘ReginaId’ Dinh and George ‘Hotshotgg’ Georgallidis. Even further the Doublelift trade still is a healing wound. This will definitely be a power house match. CLG always seems to come into playoff matches as if they just exited the hyperbolic time chamber and played league for millions of hours. TSM, on the other hand, has been showing up big to their regular season games. Let’s just hope that neither of these teams take a vacation before Sunday.

All 4 teams are looking to take their rightful place as summer split champions. Could we say that all 4 teams are in their peak form? Probably not, but they have all reached what feels like the a major milestone. NA LCS could not be scripted closer to a sports anime. We are now watching the NA LCS show and we just finished the training arc, now all the teams are coming together for the big tourney and everyone has a power up waiting to be showed off.

During the semifinals and finals, I dare to say that the skill difference in the teams are non-existent. All teams are coming in with a great amount of talent from the players and coaches. The players have their practice and their strategies. There is no NA Faker or NA Michael Jordan that can swing every game into the favor of their team. There is no dream team or SPOILERS: Suicide Squad that’s going in and wins no matter the odds.

Simply, there are 4 teams that will enter the Rift this weekend and it is going to be a slugfest. Its up to these teams to decide if they are gonna come out swinging hard or playing the long defensive game. There’s no telling where the next two days is going to take us, but let’s get our eyeballs and dongers ready. Honestly, each team is coming to the semifinals table with so much on the line. You can really feel that each team wants to move to the finals, even we the fans want our teams to move onto the finals, which presumably puts an extraordinary amount of pressure on the team. Unfortunately, the ‘just tilt them’ strategy might just be the best way to victory for any of the teams. 


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